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Our Brand New Series

Bus-Ted: Episode 1

The Hardest Hits. The Biggest Bangs.

The Crashiest Crashes. This is 100% rock'em, sock'em, spray your mom in the face with a hose full of gasoline- Demolition Derby. From the down South smashing of the Fakahatchee County Fair to the Eerie County Fair wayy up North-

Every. Single. Hit. Is. Here.


And it's only on DemolitionDerby+

Bus-Ted: Episode 1 Preview
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Image by Conor Samuel

This is 100% pure, uncut Demolition Derby at it's very finest. And here at DD+ we give you a front row seat to all the action. If you were any closer you'd need a seat belt.


From the historical travelogue 'Crashin' With Kaely' to the pulse pounding thrill-a-minute action of 'Bus-Ted' we've got you covered with wrecks.

In addition to our new shows revel to our

celebrity curated playlists. This month DMX shares his all-time favorite driver ejections. 

So sit back. And buckle up.

Crashin' With Kaely

Crashin with Kaley.jpg

Kick it with host Kaley Cuoco as she hits the road and travels the world to explore some of the moments behind the greatest demolition derbies of all time. 

From the 'Mash in Montenegro' to the 'Croatian Car-fufle' Kaley's jetsettin' and gettin' the juicy tidbits from the drivers and audience who saw it happen. 

And come back for season 2 when we realized we could do this show on a greenscreen with a nobody for like 5% of the cost. 


Every month we bring you a curated list of demolition derby related content from a special celebrity who has nothing to do with the space.  This month rap superstar DMX joins us for a top 10

Past curated lists include Lawrence Fishburne's favorite car fires and Ariana Grande's favorite rides.

Next month Timothy Chalamet joins us for a super secret surprise Top 10. What will it be?

X Goin Give it to ya.jpg

Endless Car Crashes

Always ad free.

The only Ads you'll see here are the hospital names on the ambulances pulling drivers out of smoking wrecks.

demo derby 3.JPG

New DD+ Originals

The finest originals to ever smash two cars together- and then a third- now a fourth-



Download any Derby or Crash

Like our drivers, we know you're on the go. Take your favorite demolition derby with you. Work? Toilet? Senate Chamber? We've got you covered. says:

... absolutely harrowing. If this is the future of entertainment.. I think... people will enjoy this.


lube me up and floor it

Buckle in it's time to ride

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