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Behind the pod

In reality, Nightdrive is a lightly scripted, slightly serialized show with comedians and special guests calling in as residents of a small town.


It's 'A Prairie Home Companion' by way of David Lynch with a sprinkling of alligators. Or as a fan described it: "If a town hall, the people of Florida and an FM Radio had a threesome- Nightdrive is the bed it would take place in." 

It's woven from the fibers of small town idiocy and the lunacy of late night callers and the resulting tapestry is a town called Fakahatchee. This town becomes the backdrop for both banal and bizarre narrative threads: from wild rumors of a half-man half lobster that roams the swamps, to whatever the government is doing inside the seized Shoney’s, to more civic stories like the mayor passing legislation to ban ghosts and questions like should a citizen be allowed to put a gator farm next to an elementary school? 


Fakahatchee is made up of the most extreme Florida characters: corrupt city council members, a gator farm owner, a priest who made a strip club his church, and an air traffic controller worried about the eels- among many others. It's a place that feels like a demented Lake Woebegone. Full of strong characters with strong opinions and personality defects so looming  they feel real but you would definitely not want to be friends with them in real life. Or maybe you would I don't know you.


Behind every character is someone I know and heart, whether that’s previous collaborators from sketch comedy, up and coming comedians, a writer for Last Week Tonight or in the case of one very specific paranormal investigator, a wrestling legend.

The show

NightDrive the Podcast encapsulates the entirety of Fakahatchee Radio. Fakahatchee Radio currently consists of two different shows or types of episodes currently. The first is NightDrive hosted by Horace Wexler this could be considered the ‘main episode ’ and is the one that people (including I) would likely think of first. It typically runs 50 to 60 minutes, has 3-4 main guests and a random number of lightning callers. 

The second is the Fakahatchee news. The news is an Onion-style breakdown of current political and social issues as they pertain to Fakahatchee. Issues like a global horse radish shortage threatening to ‘bore mouths’ and what Halloween mask President Trump will choose. It also includes community events like Billiam T. Hesterhoffen’s review of an art exhibition at the Fakahatchee Cultural Center that features only white paintings and the globe trotting reports of the fashionable Chuchi Bonhomme who always seems to be in the wrong place at the right time. Each episode helps build the world adding important details to the canon or helps sets up the next episode of NightDrive giving just enough details so that fans know what's coming next. Between both types of episodes there's new audio every other week. 

Frequent Guests

Ron Babcock



CJ's popped up on the show in several different roles but he really took Fakahatchee Sheriff Bud Nichols and made that good 'ole boy his own. 

Ron Babcock

While Ron plays a number of roles on the show, like oceanographer Dr. Daril Daryl, he's probably best known as Duck Winters, Alligator Farmer 

CJ Meeks
Sean Bury



Sean Bury's also popped up on the show in several different roles but he's really staked his claim in the NightDrive universe as Richard Baysbahn, City Council member.



Eric Toms is the ultimate FloridaMan as Tucker St. Clare the creator of Scuddddd energy drink turned business mogul. 

Eric Toms
Clint Gage



Plays Fakahatchee's spiritual advisor and owner of Florida's sexiest church five years running-  Fr. Jonah Likely



Clint's an all around work horse filling in across the board, from the main show to the news. I don't think he's ever played the same character twice . 

Casey Redmon.jpg

Infrequent Guests

There's been a ton of other folks who've popped in to play characters that I'm always hoping will make their way back to join us in Fakahatchee again:

  • AEW's Chris Jericho

  • Cracked's Katie Willert

  • Last Week Tonight's Daniel O'Brien

  • Screen Junkies' Danielle Radford

  • The Ringer's Dave Schilling 

  • Matt Wyatt

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