• Shelby Higgenbottom

End of an Era: Eating Our Young

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Opinion: The animal kingdom continues to chow down. Are we missing out?

Gerbils, Guppies I'm sure there's some other animals that eat their young. I didn't really research this at all because I got busy watching 'Below Deck' last night. I should admit that I don't know of anyone who's ever eaten a baby (though several of my baby-crazy friends have threatened to 'eat dose wittle toes'.) I have to imagine it's decadent like a roast boar, though clearly the babies mouth is not large enough to hold the apple in it.

“The rich marble-ing of baby flesh is really uncompared. I think about veal and then assume baby is like twice as delicious ”

I think my choice would be to do it like Doner or Schwarma with the meat cut into thin slices and stacked in a cone shape and then roasted slowly vertically and then delicately laid into a nice fluffy flatbread.

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