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Daring Lobster Heist Committed in Broad Daylight

It was a day like any other for diners on main street when it happened. Quicker than a blink of an eye he had stormed into the restaurant, found the aquarium that allows god-fearing citizens to choose their lobsters and set upon it with presumed glee and no sense of public safety.

James Elizondo was just one of the people sucking down margaritas who saw it all happen.

"He just started plucking them out one by one. Pausing only to meticulously duct tape each one to his bare skin. It was brazen and bold and frankly his confidence turned me on a little."

This is not the first crustacean based robbery in Fakahatchee and all signs are pointing to a spree of some sort. But it's left local law enforcement reeling. Sheriff Bud Nichols says he and his deputies have no current leads and have turned to the community for help.

"Someone out there knows this fella and it'd be real helpful if they'd give us a hint or two so we could catch this Lobster King guy."

They've set up a hotline for tips into this caper and any information you have may result in a reward if this Lobster thief if apprehended. But some citizens have refused to call- saying he's tossed them lobsters as he's escaped, refusing to let the crustaceans linger solely with the rich. Others have refused on the basis that the sheriff has refused to publish the number because they'd prefer not to have prank calls.

Stolen: 6lb Lobster known as 'Chuck Claws-terman' photo courtesy of Thomas R Machnitzki

The crimes have forced several local cafes and restaurants known for their lobster dishes to close from the financial losses.

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