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POWER OUT: Citizens Reeling

Fakahatchee caught a glimpse of what an apocalypse might look like as main street suffered a power outage late last night that lasted for almost fifteen minutes. Chicken was dangerously undercooked, air was left unconditioned, books went dangerously unread, and stairs were felt out with an errant but delicate foot tap to avoid tumbling into the night- all because of the leering dark that seemed to nip at every residents' heels.

Preceded by a huge flash of light, the plunge to darkness left many shaking to their core. Hank of Hank's Old Arby's described it as,

"a possible attack-I can't rule out that this might be Arby's striking back at what they perceive to be a splinter group of radical meat restaurants."

Duck Winters spoke briefly with me while forcing a coupon into my hand for his Gator Farm. "I use a lot of electric fences to keep those bastards in check. I mean I love 'em but if those fences ever came down and those gators grew legs it'd be a exactly like Jurassic Park."

A spokesperson for Fakahatchee Water and Power is expected to give a short press conference this morning with more details.

More on this story as it develops.

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