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Crumbler Farms Declares Bankruptcy

Crumbler Farms Bankrupt

By Hank Crimbo

Family-run grocery store Crumbler Farms has recently found itself in a struggle to survive. Robard Crumbler Sr. the CEO and founder of the embattled store was removed from his role in running the company by his children late last month.

Robard Crumbler Jr., new CEO and former mayoral candidate, has stated the finances of the company are pretty grim and it would take some sort of miracle or community outreach to save the store from bankruptcy.

"My sister and I have both spent time on Wall Street so if there's anyone who can turn this store around it's us and our fancy New York ways that you small town rubes wouldn't understand. We're our own miracle."

The founder, Robard Crumbler Sr., who's said to have suffered a stroke at some point over the last year, remains in great spirits and is looking forward to joining Briden Ave gang, the T-Ball Walkers, for an open house later this week.

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